Using Twitter Lists Most Correctly



You may possibly or may not be using Twitter in an organized effective fashion. If you are, hats off to you! On the other hand, if the tweets seem more chaotic than you would like (or want) them to be, you might wish to continue reading.


The root of the chaos


There are many possible reasons behind your interactions on Twitter to be chaotic (or at the very least, disorganized). One reason may be because of the vast wide range of followers you have got managed to acquire in the long run. It should cause you to feel better to know you are not alone with regards to the chaos together with confusion, if that is exactly what you are experiencing. With that said, it does not go without saying that you will need to remain in the middle of chaos and confusion. There is a way to this issue and you can make things better quickly and you will start to use Twitter the way in which it ought to be used therefore the results which you achieve for your business would be more extraordinary than you can imagine.


The first question that you might (and really should) be asking yourself is how do you are taking all of the information surrounding your Twitter account and rein it in to make certain that it makes some sense and so it begins to be right for you. The answer to that is very simple: Twitter Lists. You can expect to learn just how to create Twitter lists, which will make order out of your Twitter chaos. The following question that you may be asking is the way you go about creating those lists, step by step.


Where to begin


You certainly will follow a step-by-step process, which will enable you to definitely organize your tweets and then you can start to make use of the tool effectively and easily.


•Getting both hands on Twitter lists: Once you have created list(s) in Twitter, they will have to live somewhere. In order to access your lists, you certainly will wish to click on the “Me” tab and then left click on “Lists.” After that, you’ll see your profile photo and below that, you will see all of the lists (because of the number of member in those particular lists indicated). It is important to keep in mind that you can assign whichever names you choose to your lists. It makes the most sense for you to give your lists names which are significant to you and those list names ought to be easy so that you can remember and identify.


•Focusing on your Twitter lists: When you wish to create a new list, you should click on the “Create List” button. That button will show up in the top right hand corner of this window. When you have clicked on the “Create List” button, a new window will show up. You will fill in a few simple fields (list name, description, and an option of making the list public or private). It is important to keep in mind that you have a character limit for the list name (25 characters) as well as the description name (100 characters or fewer). Anything more than that and it will not show your complete information. If your wanting to begin to create that information, you need to think about the names and descriptions that you wish to utilize. The information and knowledge should be descriptive (that is even more important if that particular list is going to be public).


•Putting more and more people in your Twitter lists: There isn’t any doubt which you would want to add more and more people to your Twitter lists in the long run. You might be wondering just how to go about that. There are several different approaches that you can take to accomplish this.


◦When you have created a list, you’ll see an option to search for people whom you can then add to your list.


◦Another option is to visit your “Following” page and put in new people from there. You will notice how easy that is when you are on that screen. Once you have added to your list, Twitter will let you know which lists that particular person is a part of. You can make your lists as specific and customized as you wish, which will go a long way to keeping you organized and focused.


•Managing your Twitter lists: Once you have created your Twitter lists plus they contain everyone whom you want to include, it is time to manage your lists. There are tools that can help you to definitely achieve that more easily than you could do so on your own. A really effective tool for this is actually the Twitter List Manager tool. Please bear in your mind that it is a really good idea to add a new person to your list(s) as soon as you meet/speak with them. In that way, it is done and you won’t be allowing yourself any chance of forgetting to add them to your list(s).


To summarize why it is intelligent of you to use Twitter lists for your tweets, there are several good reasons:


•The lists keep your tweets organized. That info is important for you and your business and it is important to have it at your fingertips at all times.


•The lists enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of who is doing what and when. The greater amount of “into the know” you are, the more people will take notice to your capabilities and your expertise. You are going to be the person they call first when they need everything you have.


•There are may different lists that may meet your needs, such as lists sorted by influencers, people in your geographic location, people in your particular niche, and people who attend the same events that you attend. Of course, you have some other ideas, which you can add to this list.




When considering to making a decision about whether you need to follow certain people and thus include them in you list(s), you need to be discriminating but fair as well. You undoubtedly should not follow everyone just for the sake of following them; however, if they hold value and meaning for you, go with it. You can really get creative with your Twitter lists and you could make them so specific that with a mere push of a button, you certainly will have everything that you need within seconds. Another important piece of data of which you should be aware is the fact that you’ve got a resource that you may not know about: you have got access to a Twitter Help Center, which you can call on whenever you have an issue that you can’t solve on your own. It is a wonderful, valuable part of the tool and you need to take advantage of it.


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I Love Stupid People And Cupid is the Romanian Love God!

Tiffany “New York” Pollard cuts loose five suitors and brings her mama into the mix for some big-time drama on the premiere of ‘I Love New York’. Read the recap here.

New York is in da m*ther f*ckin’ house, y’all. This time she’s got her own mansion with lots of bright animal prints and a personal assistant/stylist/Guy Friday named Chamo to help her out. Oh yeah – there’s 20 guys vying for her affection and her ‘dramatical’ mama, Sister Patterson, aka Miz Michelle, to help her choose which man gets her goodies. Is it hot in herre, or is it me?

New York greets the guys and they have sort of a mixer. She and her mama then have them get in line so they can give ‘em nicknames. Below, I’ll give you the nicknames with a little bit about each dude. Here we go, okay?

RICO – a beautiful latino man who says he’s smooth. However, he’s not too bright ‘cuz he calls New York, mi negrita (my little black girl. Sure it’s a term of endearment, but it’s still borderline racist, don’t you think? Well, New York thought so and it almost got his fine @$$ knocked out.)

POOTIE – he wants some Pootie Tang. I think he was the fine gentleman who said when New York entered the room, “Girl, you put the hurt on my penis.” Wow! He’s so romantical, ain’t he? Flav would be proud!

TANGO – he holds his mama dear and he’s a fine hunk of manhood. He’s also sweet and seems respectful of Miz Michelle. She likes him, and so do I.

WOOD – Miz Michelle and New York say he looks familiar. Seems this handsome dude has been on quite a few reality shows. (He was the winner of Mr. Romance on the Oxygen Network!) He’s called ‘wood’ ‘cuz his last name is Ritchwood, people. Don’t be gettin’ the wrong idea now.

WHITEBOY – he’s Scottish-Italian-Romanian-American and seems nice. I don’t think he’s got a snowball’s chance, but… I could be wrong.

12-PACK – this muscular, buff dude is accused of having homosexual tendencies. He lifts his shirt and New York likes what she sees.

HEAT – he’s a good-looking dude who knows it. He wears keys around his neck. His grandpappy gave them to him. He says family is important. Miz Michelle is happy to hear it and New York seems to be feelin’ him too.

T-BONE – New York says he’s a big, greasy boy. He’s burly and wears sunglasses. He also looks a bit older than the other guys. Not Tiff’s type. When the two are alone, he tells her he has beautiful eyes. New York says they’re ‘amazing.’ She’s amazed because one goes one way and one goes the other. Oh man!

JERSEY – he’s a financial adviser from New Jersey. Mama likes his wallet-size.

MR. BOSTON – the boy has some issues. He can’t seem to hold a coherent thought. He’s an accountant, but…he is bored with his job. He is also very, very white and tries to hang with the gangstas. Think White & Nerdy but not nearly as cool! He and CHANCE (see below) almost come to blows during the mixer.

ONIX – New York thinks he’s beautiful and smooth like an onyx stone.

T-WEED – He’s got some crazy hair. He mentions that he earns a lot by selling his ideas to companies. That got Mama’s attention. Although I don’t see it, New York tells the camera that he’s got the ‘whole package.’ Of course, she did find Flavor Flav attractive.

ACE – a tennis pro/coach. He’s very good-lucking, but clean-cut. I don’t think Tiffany is catching his vibe. Too bad. He’d have been at the top of my list.

TRENDZ – he’s got dread-locks. New York says he’s a trendsetter. Her mama wants him to “wrap them things up.”

BONES – a skinny, god-fearing dude who might be putting on an act. However, he does quote scripture (Proverbs 27:1) and impresses the hell out of New York’s church-going mama.

T-MONEY – he’s a Georgetown grad who looks like a “watermelon.” He’s got a bright pink shirt and an equally bright green blazer. New York thinks it’s a racist statement. I think the poor guy’s color-blind and needs Chamo to help him dress better. (Well, maybe Chamo wouldn’t help him out that much. Chamo is awfully flashy himself!)

REAL – he tells New York he’s in the industry, but he’s already made it and not looking to ride her coattails. How could he? She’s riding Flav’s coattails, right? He’s got a bro in the competition. Overall, Real is real and seems to genuinely be there to get to know New York. I’m not sure if I like him or feel terribly sad for him.

CHANCE – Real’s brother. He’s a live wire. He’s actually the New York of the competition. He’s brassy, sassy and pisses off Miz Michelle before the end of the night. New York wants him bad ‘cuz he’s a thug. He also ‘drinks a lot’ which Tiff likes. He almost gets into a fight with Mr. Boston too.

TOKEN – I’m not sure why he’s called Token, but he is one of the few white guys in the bunch.

ROMANCE – he tells New York he’s Cupid, the Romanian love god. Well, take a letter away and add a few to that cupid, my friends, and you get what he really is – STUPID. Maybe it’s the hair gel. He wears more than the Gotti boys did which is scary. He also shows New York a picture of his dead dog, Princess, and says he’ll treat her like a princess. However, I’m not sure I’d want to be around a man who keeps comparing me to his dead dog.

Where’s the psycho-meter? That’s all I wonder.

New York then invites the boyz to a party outside. There’s alcohol which is reality TV drama potion, isn’t it? She also plans to have some one-on-one time with each dude. Chance tries to monopolize her time, but Mr. Boston steps to him. Actually this impresses New York. Chance aggravates everyone but New York who is ‘feelin’ the hell outta him.’ Her mama wants him gone tonight. Five guys are going, but New York does not want to send him home. 12-Pack jumps into the pool and shows New York his stuff. Some of the guys bore her, and I wonder what she’s really looking for. Is it love, reality TV fame or a fling? Oh well, do I really care? Do I need to care to watch anyway? I’m not sure.

In the end, T-Bone, Ace, Jersey, T-Money and Wood are told they’re “not good enough for New York.” Maybe they’ve dodged a bullet. T-Bone was too ugly, I suppose. Ace, Jersey and T-Money were too stable or successful I suppose and Wood, well, New York felt he was there for TV and not for her. I don’t think he’s the only guy there for that, but we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?

Will we?

Awww, c’mon, you know we will. C’ya next week.

American Idol Fans Pick the Worst?

American Idol judges get credit for helping viewers make up their minds when it’s time to vote. But at least one web site may have as much power, and it picks the worst.

FOX’s phenomenal hit reality show, American Idol, is going strongly into its sixth season with a brand-new field of competitors. After two elimination shows, judges and fans alike have expressed surprise at the voting results. The show is actually notorious for strange voting, as many singers who perform badly get voted through time and again.

Just a reality TV fluke, or is there a deeper reason? Are American Idol viewers picking the worst…on purpose? One influential web site could be the cause behind the rise of some not-so-singing-sensations. When the judges act shocked that a contestant made it through, it might just be the work of an increasingly popular American Idol web site known as Vote for the Worst.

Some fans might be surprised to see who made it on the list of Worst American Idol Performances, as many fans are surprised during the Idol results show each week. After America votes, certain singers are sent packing while others get to stay on. Each week, it seems at least one contestant who totally bombed a performance gets okayed to the next round. Even so, many Idol contestants go on to singing stardom. One finalist who made it on the Worst list was American Idol 5 contestant Kellie Pickler, who has a gold record despite surprising Idol viewers with a few notably bad performances in the past.

According to Reality TV magazine, some competitors might owe their Idol longevity to the web site and its followers alone. The magazine even suggests that some performers who know they are failing ought to be sure and bomb completely – thus securing the important Vote for the Worst bid to stardom. Each week, the site nominates another Worst and beseeches visitors to cast their vote in this direction.

Why does this site do this? Because Vote for the Worst has a mission to nominate Idols that the judges and producers of the show would hate to see win. It’s as good a reason as any, as far as reality TV voting goes. Kellie Pickler and Idol winner Taylor Hicks from American Idol 5 are claimed among the Worst’s victories, as well as American Idol 6 competitor Antonella Barba.

When fans have trouble deciding who’s the best, they can always check in with Vote for the Worst and nominate the bad apple of the bunch. After all, one of them has to win. Who says it has to be the best?

Irish Genealogy – Irish Records: Arm Yourself Before You Search

I’m starting a series of articles next week on where to find records in Ireland. You will get to the point eventually where you will have to deal with those records. It’s actually the point I’m at now and you get to learn about these records right along with me. My next trip to Ireland I’ll be giving you a diary of my journey here on these pages. In the meantime, if anyone out there can correct or expound upon anything given in any of these pages ..please do! At the end of the day I’m just another struggling head hunter!

You really do need to arm yourself with cold hard facts before you attempt doing searches in Irish records. Just because Aunt Mary said your fourth Great Grandmother was from ‘around’ Longford and came to Canada around 1860 doesn’t mean a thing. It is only a clue for you to investigate. You need facts and documentationor you won’t get anywhere when you get to Irish record searches. Worse yet, you could make a mistake!

You should already know this by now but I’ll skim over it. Get your facts from the following sources:

family Bibles
census records
Church records
school records
probate records
obituaries: look up every name you find and note the relationships if given, AND look up ANY family name different from yours. Your family line may be hidden amongst records seemingly unconnected. Do not assume that the name wouldn’t have records on your line.
immigration records
naturalization records
land records
county deeds
county and state tax records
archives of famous families (you better believe you can get lucky)
local historical groups: they can be hiding old letters and photos as well as contacts and all sorts of cool stuff.
local school archives: A wealth of information found these records!!)
local Church histories
fire department records
local organizations like National Grange, Future Farmers of America, temperance societies, etc.

Ask yourself these things. What things were important in the community? What organizations are mentioned in the odd letter ..churches, clubs, festivals? Any names mentioned that aren’t familiar? How about old cook books or scrap books? Is there a clipping that seems out of place in a scrap book? Look up everything and you may be rewarded by one tiny illusive fact hidden amongst the stacks of “stuff”.

Arm yourself before you search!

I suggest you have as much of the following information as is humanly possible. It will help greatly in your search in Irish Records. These are the things I always have on hand

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